Florida Real Estate License Classroom Courses

Panama City Beach and Destin FL Real Estate Classroom

Select the classroom course you are interested in and see the schedule of dates available.  Online courses are also available to meet all your license requirements.  All courses are FREC approved.

Panama City Beach Classroom

Destin FL Classroom


Panama City Beach & Destin Real Estate Instructors Gina Rowlett White teaches our Panama City Beach Class and Paul Jensen teaches our Destin Class.

Panama City Beach Class Location

Destin FL Class Location

Classroom Hours

Class starts at 8:30 am and lets out at around 5:30 pm. Your instructor will give you a one hour lunch and you can go wherever you want to during that time.  You will also get two 10 minute breaks.  Be sure to dress comfortably.

Unless specified in the schedule, our classroom course begins on a Monday and runs for 7 days straight with the final course exam on Sunday.  The State Law says you can not miss over 8 hours of classroom instruction.  Therefore, be sure to plan ahead.

All course materials will be given out on the first day of class.  If you owe a balance on your course you can pay by check or cash on the first day.  Walk-in’s are welcome.  This is a FREC approved REcampus course required for your Florida Real Estate License.  The course final exam is included. You will receive a course completion certificate upon passing.

Classes on PowerPoint

You do not need to do any preparation work before class.  Because your instructor will teach you everything you need to know.  Our classroom courses are on powerpoint and fast paced but don’t worry,  our instructors do a very good job of reviewing and teaching you what you need to know to pass.

  • Time 8:30 am. to 5:30 pm.
  • Break 10:30 am.
  • Lunch 12:30 to 1:30
  • Break 3:30
  • Class Dismiss 5:30

Real Estate Classroom Courses

What To Bring To Class

If you are wondering what you should bring to class, a highlighter, a pen, paper and simple calculator is all you need.  Drinks and Snacks are permitted in the classroom as long as you don’t disturb anyone and keep your area clean.

Our classroom course includes the Florida Real Estate Principles, Practice & Law text book.  The textbook and other course materials will be given out on the first day of class.  In our class you will also get a real estate math exam prep handbook.  When you register, you will have the option to select the pre license course package that fits your needs.

Classroom Courses

Classroom courses are always the best way to go.  Especially if you like the interaction that goes on between the instructor and students.  Not everyone has the luxury of taking a week off of work or the time out of their daily schedule to sit through a classroom for 7 days.  That is where the online courses come in.  Both our pre sales associate classroom course and our online course is a REcampus course so either way, you will be getting the very best real estate education Florida has to offer.