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Paul Jenson narrates for you some test taking tips and strategies that you might find helpful when taking your Florida State Exam. Some students are good test takers and some are not. Hopefully you will have gained the knowledge through our course to help you pass your state exam the first time. When that is not the case or when you feel you need more, we recommend our Florida Real Estate License Exam Prep with over 675 practice questions to prepare you for the state exam. If you still have access to your course, you can always go back in and review the end of chapter questions, the summary and vocabulary. There is also a print out available in your course of important points from each chapter.

10 Test Taking Tips To Help You

  1. Always read test directions carefully before you begin.
  2. When the test period begins, write down on scratch paper any information you know you are going to need (e.g., 43,560; formulas; acronyms, etc.).
  3. As you read each question, eliminate any answers you know are obviously incorrect.
  4. Mark any question you are unsure of, and look at them again after you have completed all test questions.
  5. Don’t leave any question blank. After you have read through each question completely, eliminate the obviously wrong answers and take an educated guess. There is no penalty for guessing.
  6. Don’t spend too much time on any one question. All questions count the same (one point each), so do not waste time on complex problems. Take a guess or come back to it after you have completed the rest of the test.
  7. Be careful with questions that contain absolutes such as always, never, must, and so on.
  8. Don’t be fooled by words you have not seen before; they may be distracters designed to confuse you.
  9. Recheck each answer after you have completed the entire test. Don’t change an answer just because “it doesn’t look right”. Your first answer is usually the best; so don’t change it unless you know it is wrong.
  10. Take a breather when necessary but keep track of your time.

Please contact us if you have any questions relating to this course.  Apply for a license on the DBPR website.