Important information you need to know when getting a real estate license in Florida

Below is some important information you need to know when taking a real estate course to get your Florida real estate license. We want to make sure you know the little details that affect you and your course. Please know that our school is licensed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) and all our courses are State Approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). We invite you to check us out with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before you buy. The BBB verifies all reviews. Our School License Number ZH1002321.

  • There are no unlimited attempts to pass your final course exam without taking the entire course over each time. This is State Law for All Real Estate Schools in the State of FloridaAny school offering unlimited tries to pass the final course exam is failing to tell you that you must take the entire course over each time.
    • The State Law says that you have two attempts to pass the course final exam. If you fail the first exam, you must wait 30 days and take a different end-of-course final exam. If you fail the second final exam, you must take the entire course over. Be sure you leave yourself enough time to take the final course exam.
  •  All course access will be for 6 months. This includes the exam prep course. Online Course Extensions are available for all courses.
  • About The State Exam – Besides your final course exam, you will have to pass the state exam before you can get your real estate license.
    • You must make an account and apply for your license the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulations) and get your fingerprints done. The state does a background check to make sure you are eligible to sit for the state exam. You cannot take the state exam until you are approved.
    • You can submit your application with the DBPR before you take your course, while you are taking your course or after you take your course.
    • The state says they have up to 90 days to process and approve your application. It usually only takes about couple of weeks to get your approval back once you submit your fingerprints and application.
    • Contact us or call Paula Stone at 850-557-7991, she will be happy to answer any questions you have and she will walk you through making your account with the DBPR and filling our your application online. She will also help you with the fingerprinting.
      • Most online students start their course and then submit their application. That way they can be working on their course while they wait on the approval.
      • Classroom students should submit their application as soon as possible. We recommend that classroom students submit their application before starting class so they can go straight and take the state exam as soon as possible after passing.
    • Your approval will come in the form of a letter to your email. The email will be from Pearson Vue and will have your approval number called a FLREAPP number. There will also be information on how to make your appointment to take the state exam when you are ready.
    • The state exam is taken at a Pearson Vue testing center near you. You can not schedule to take the state exam without your approval number. You will have unlimited attempts to pass the state exam as long as your approval and your course completion certificate are not expired.
  • After you get your license – After you get your license you must do your 45-Hour Post License Course. If you don’t complete it and pass the end-of-course final exam before your first renewal, you will lose your license down to nothing. You will have to reapply with the state, take the course over and pass the state exam again.
    • The 45-Hour Post License Course is just as hard as the 63-Hour Pre License Course. You must pass a timed 100 question final course exam.