Superpack Exam Prep Bundle


The Super Pack Bundle will give you the tools you need to study from every angle for your State Exam.  With a variety of learning platforms, you will not get burned out or bored.  This bundle is the most complete bundle of study aids for pre-license students to pass the state exam.

  • Our Math Made Easy Video Course will help you learn how to work the real estate math problems you will encounter on your State Exam.  If you are rusty when it comes to fractions, decimals, and percentages, we start off with a short section that will help you sharpen your basic math skills.  You can go through the review or skip over it.
  • Our fully narrated Exam Prep Videos follow the Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Manual of absolute statements.  This is the best way to review and learn important absolute statements from each chapter that you will need to know for your state exam.  As you progress through the chapters, you will also see how many questions you will have on your state exam from each chapter.
  • Online Flashcards are the best and most convenient study tool for learning and reviewing real estate key terms.  Knowing the key real estate terms and their meaning is vital to understanding.  Our flashcards are easy to navigate and fun to use.