28 Hour Reactivation Course For Sales Associates and Brokers

For Sales Associates & Brokers whose Florida real estate license have been involuntary inactive for more than 12 months but less than 24 months.

When you complete and pass this course you will have fulfilled the requirements to get your real estate license reactivated. We will electronically report your course credits to the DBPR and you will receive a course completion certificate.

Florida Real Estate Principles, Practice & Law Textbook

This is the newest edition pre license course book available. This textbook follows the video course and the text base course. Most students like having the textbook to study along with the online course and highlight important points you want to remember. The book also comes in handy when you are taking the end of course final exam. This is an optional course book.

What is the 28 hour Reactivation Course for?

The 28 hour reactivation course is for licensees who for whatever reason, failed to complete their 14 hours of continuing education causing their license to become involuntary inactive. Hopefully once you get your Florida real estate license you will never be in a situation that will cause your license to be involuntary inactive. Sometimes life gets in the way and things can happen. When you fail to complete your continuing education requirements before your renewal deadline, your license will automatically become involuntary inactive and you will not be able to practice real estate.

How do I get my license active again?

If your license has been involuntary inactive between 1 and 12 months, you can get your license back active by taking your 14 hours of continuing education and paying the the license fees and late fees. If your license has been involuntary inactive for more than 12 months but less than 24 months, you will have to take the 28 hour reactivation course.

What will happen if my license are involuntary inactive for more than 24 months?

If you have allowed your license to go beyond 24 months on involuntary inactive status, your license will be null and void. In other words, they cease to exist. Your only option if you want to have a real estate license is to start all over from the very beginning by submitting your fingerprints and a new application to the state and taking the pre-license course over and passing the state exam again.

How do I find my renewal date?

Everyone’s real estate license will expire every two years either on March 31st. or September 30th. You can look up your license expiration date at www.myfloridalicense.com.