Full Throttle Coaching

OnDemand Full Throttle Coaching is a series of OnDemand video courses with the best real estate agent training designed to help new agents accelerate their real estate career. The virtual coach will take students through all the important issues pointing the way to the road of success. Full Throttle Coaching is also designed to give agents the instruction they need to further accelerate their business. The virtual coach challenges new agents to incorporate proven strategies that impact daily business building activities which creates a level of personal accountability to drive success.

Full Throttle Coaching – Buyers: Be Successful, Fast OnDemand Course v1.0

  • Develop lead-generation skills.
  • Create personal leads maps and script action plans.
  • Generate income from your leads.
  • Keep on track with Knowledge DNA’s easy activity planning and tracking system.
  • Be accountable for your actions and on track to reach your goals.

Full Throttle Coaching – Listings: Where the Real Money Is OnDemand Course v1.0

  • Lead Generating Is the Key to Your Business
  • How to Find Listings: Your 3 Lead Action Plans
  • Listings to Go! Creating Income From My Leads and Referrals

Full Throttle Coaching – Ready, Set, Go! The Four Skills You Need to Launch Your Real Estate Career OnDemand Course v1.0

  • The Primary Job of a Real Estate Agent is Lead Generating
  • Generating Leads and My Personal Leads Map
  • Converting Leads and My Script Action Plan
  • Ready to Go! Creating Income from My Leads and Referrals

Full Throttle Coaching – The Great Eight: 8 Things You Must Do to Survive and Thrive in Real Estate OnDemand Course v1.0

  • Daily Morning Mindset and Business Preparation
  • Lead Generating
  • Two-Way Conversations
  • One-Way Contacts
  • Buyer Appointments
  • Listing Appointments
  • Listing Agreements
  • Sales, Conversion Ratios, and Personal Business Plan

Succeed with Full Throttle Coaching

Students will develop skills real estate agents need to succeed in their careers. They will learn to set and hold goals, manage their time, prospect, and convert leads into sales. Finally, students will receive access to the KDNA online goal-tracking system that keeps them accountable for their actions and on track to reach their goals.

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